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Welcome to the Saluting America School Program

Igniting a strong sense of patriotism in America’s K-12 students
Raising awareness of our nation’s cherished values
Honoring sacrifices made by active military and veterans


Using educational tools and suggested projects, educators customize classroom activities to teach young people about sacrifices made to protect our country's freedom. By engaging in the classroom activities and programs, young Americans learn about patriotism, citizenship, and history. The Saluting America School Program was launched in 2013 in partnership with The American Legion and with major support from the Daniels Fund.

A Tribute Card completed by each student is a key program element. These messages of appreciation are distributed to veterans and active duty military worldwide. Successful school components include collaborative efforts with veterans organizations, the awarding of "The American's Creed" Framed Prints, school organized Tribute Contests for creative works, and ceremonies recognizing the efforts of students and service of our military. 


Students in grades K-12 develop appreciation for what veterans and active military have done and are doing to protect our values and freedoms. They acknowledge this service and express their appreciation through direct messages in the Tribute Cards and Tribute Contests, as well as their own personal expressions. Schools lead activities that may include special award ceremonies, school assemblies, community activities, and the inclusion of our veterans, Medal of Honor recipients, and military members.

Through these powerful interactions facilitated and encouraged by the Saluting America School Program, America’s youth learn about sacrifice, service, and courage directly from men and women who embody these values. As Tribute Cards from students reach veterans and active military personnel around the world, these appreciative bonds grow even stronger.



The powerful but simple activities within the Saluting America School Program engage students, schools, parents, veterans, active military members, community leaders, local businesses, and other community and volunteer organizations with each other. As students become more aware of the sacrifices made on their behalf and as they express their appreciation through Tribute Cards and Tribute Contests, local community bonds strengthen.

When the completed Tribute Cards are distributed locally, across the nation, and around the world, veterans and active military receive personal “thank you” messages from America’s youth.

The student and the Tribute Card recipient may be perfect strangers, but they become emotionally bound to each other through the message in the card.

Their Tribute

  • G'day, I truly appreciate the Veteran's Day appreciation card sent to me by Gabriel, and would like send a thank you note back to him/her, or just to the class in general.

    Karl ChristensenCWO4

    Karl Christensen

    Every year my husband father and I go to dinner on Veterans Day.  This year we were pleasantly surprised to receive a very nice card thanking us for our service.  We thank Caitlynn for taking the time to writing the wonderful message in the card.  It brings joy to our hearts to know that we are appreciated. 
    Thank You again, 
    Cheryl Romero 
    US Army Veteran 
    Grand Junction CO

    Cheryl Romero

    A massive thank you: I am a British citizen now living in Washington DC.  This is my first year as a civilian after 14 years in the British Army as a communications specialist.  In that time I deployed to the former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan a number of times. 
    Going to war will always have an effect on a person, some scars are not always obvious or immediate but becoming a civilian is just as big an adjustment. 
    During my military service I worked with many American forces and understand how different things can be although I had no idea how differently servicemen and veterans were treated here.  There is no veterans day in the UK, we don't wear uniform on the streets unless on official business and are never told "thank you for your service". 
    11 Nov is an emotional day for me, saying goodbye to those that didn't return, so i was completely shocked when I was given a card to say thank you. 
    My card was written by a girl called Ashlyn, the envelope just says "from a Colorado student".  Her words will stay with me forever and have made a real and valuable difference to the way I view my service and retirement from he forces. 
    Please pass on my thanks to everyone in your organisation, to Ashlyn if possible but to all those that took the time to write, it really is worth it. 
    My sincerest thanks 
    Luke Mitchell 
    British Army (Rtd)

    Luke Mitchell - British Army (Rtd.)