How do you turn indescribable grief into unimaginable gratitude?

Express your thanks and pay tribute.



Saluting America's mission is to honor all who serve our country and May 4 is National Firefighter Day - May the Fourth be with them!

These firefighters work diligently all year long but when summer comes and wildfires are prevalent, we rely on them for protection.


This specially designed Tribute Card was created for them.


Last year, we sent 6,000 cards to firefighters across the Southwest and West Coast, thanking them for their service.  Once again, we are asking middle schools throughout the area to join us in thanking them by having their students write messages in the cards.  Cards will then be sent to designated fire departments or if you like, your students can deliver them directly to your local fire departments!


Our representative will be in the southern California area the last week of April to collect and redistribute cards.  We thank all the schools that signed up to help us meet our goal for 2019!




Here in the interior of the card with an inspiratiional message from Mark Twain on the left and plenty of room for student's to write their personal message or drawing on the right.

Registration is closed for this year.  Thank you to all the Orange County schools who signed up and will help us honor our firefighters this May 4!

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