Saluting America in Our Schools

Saluting America  empowers teachers to promote patriotism and raise youth awareness of sacrifices made by our nation’s active duty military personnel and our veterans. Through use of educational tools and suggested projects, educators customize classroom activities that teach young people about sacrifices made to protect our country’s freedom. Through selected activities and classroom programs, young Americans learn about patriotism, citizenship, and our history.


Tools developed by Saluting America allow each student to engage in the acknowledgement and appreciation of those who serve. Saluting America provides teachers with components needed to implement the program. 


There is no cost to any school to participate in this program.  The program is supported by foundation grants, corporate sponsorships, and volunteer efforts.

Program Elements

Tribute Cards

Tribute Contests

Distribution of completed Tribute Cards


Tribute Card


A special card featuring a patriotic fine art photograph and a patriotic quote is given to each student. The student writes a meaningful “thank you” message to a veteran or an active duty military member. The completed cards with the personal expressions of thanks are distributed to military personnel and veterans throughout the world.

Tribute Contests


The competitions can be designed for student essays, videos, art projects or other creative activities that express the values they learned through this program. School districts are encouraged to recognize participating students.

Worldwide Distribution of Cards


he Tribute Cards with personalized messages are distributed throughout the year. Cards are given to veterans and military personnel as an expression of appreciation for their service.

Distribution is accomplished by students, school personnel, volunteers, and other public and private sector organizations.

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