People's Lives Are Touched by Saluting America

From Salvatore A. Guinta, Medal of Honor Recipient:


“I think the Saluting America program is incredible. That’s what it is all about—these children. They will have the responsibility to carry this country forward. Saluting America is reminding them of all of the benefits that they have and why they have them. To see children as young as first grade understand it, get it—I didn’t understand it when I was that old. This program is really touching a lot of people, making a positive impact in the community and hopefully in the country as a whole.”



From a foreign veteran:

A massive thank you: I am a British citizen now living in Washington, DC.  This is my first year as a civilian after 14 years in the British Army as a communications specialist.  In that time, I deployed to the former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan a number of times.  Going to war will always have an effect on a person, some scars are not always obvious or immediate but becoming a civilian is just as big an adjustment.  During my military service, I worked with many American forces and understand how different things can be although I had no idea how differently servicemen and veterans were treated here.  There is no Veterans Day in the UK, we don’t wear uniforms on the streets unless on official business and are never told “thank you for your service.”  11 Nov is an emotional day for me, saying goodbye to those that didn’t return, so I was completely shocked when I was given a card to say thank you.  My card was written by a girl called Ashlyn, the envelope just says “from a Colorado student.”  Her words will stay with me forever and have made a real and valuable difference to the way I view my service and retirement from the forces.  Please pass on my thanks to everyone in your organization, to Ashlyn if possible but to all those that took the time to time to write, it really is worth it.

My sincerest thanks

Luke Mitchell - British Army (Rtd.)


From the American Legion:


It works both ways, not only do we help the kids, but they help us because they help restore our faith in the next generations.

Tom Bock, Former National Commander, The American Legion


From a soldier:

During a recent event I attended, an individual handed me a card and simply said, “Thank you for your service.”   The card was written by a young man named Joseph.  I wanted to let you know that the words Joseph wrote spoke volumes about the type of Patriotism that is hard to find these days, it warmed my heart and made me proud to be a Soldier in the U.S.  Army. Thank you for making my Memorial Day a memorable one and thank you for supporting our troops. God bless you, God bless America and keep up the great work!"

Lt. Col.  Patrick M. Alexander, U.S. Army


From veterans:

Every year my husband, father and I go to dinner on Veterans Day.  This year we were pleasantly surprised to receive a very nice card thanking us for our service.  We thank Caitlynn for taking the time to write the wonderful message in the card.  It brings joy to our hearts to know that we are appreciated. 

Thank you again,


Cheryl Romero,  US Army Veteran

My husband and I (both vets of Vietnam era) received a card written by a student at a Colorado school during Rolling Thunder in Washington, DC and I can’t tell you how much it meant to us and how moved we were.  Thank you so much. I will treasure this card forever.

Kitty  Leggett


I just wanted to say I think your program is a great one and thank you for supporting those in the military both active and retired. My parents were both in the Navy and received cards from your students this past weekend at Rolling Thunder in Washington DC. My dad was thrilled when he opened his very colorfully decorated card from a student and the message inside touched him. My dad doesn’t show emotions very often but was definitely humbled to receive such a gift.   Although it would seem small to most I know it touched him deeply, so again I wanted to extend my thanks to your program and continue to do the great work you do since it doesn’t go unnoticed! 




The Card Recipient Testimonials are very emotional and provide a strong motivational tool to use with students prior to writing their own cards. 

We suggest reading a few of the comments to the students to let them know how much their work is appreciated by active military members and veterans.


For many recipients, these comments are the only way they have of expressing their appreciation to an anonymous sender.  By reading them to the students, the students can see what an impact their words can have.





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