Saluting America is #VegasStrong

How do you turn indescribable grief into unimaginable gratitude?

Express your thanks and pay tribute.


Saluting America's mission is to honor all who serve our country and there are many heroes to be recognized in Las Vegas.  We are inviting middle schools throughout Clark County to join us in this effort.  A specially designed Tribute Card will be provided free of charge for students to write their personal messages, thanking the thousands of First Responders including EMTs, firefighters, law enforcement, doctors, nurses and public officials who helped others during this tragic event.



Program Benefits

  • A chance for educators to check-in with students’ emotional status
  • Opportunity for students to view tragedy not from the perspective of perpetrator nor victim, but those that embodied the ideals the community values
  • Connects generations, by teaching the art of giving and receiving sincere gratitude
  • Opens students minds to civic responsibility and careers in service to the community
  • Allows 1st responders to feel appreciated and builds morale
  • Enables 1st responders the ability to show gratitude back to the students, teachers, underwriters and community

We are proud to announce that over 15,000 students have signed up to participate in this initiative.  We thank the Clark County School District and the School-Community Partnership Program for the support and assistance!

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